Infused Water

infused water

Do you Infuse your Water? If not, giiiiirl, you gotta get on this train! Water is uber important for your body, your brain, and is a key component to good health and weight management.   It helps your skin look better, your digestion improve, your bloating decrease, increases your energy, helps you to focus better, and the list goes on and on. Additionally, many of us are actually thirsty when we think we are hungry. Read More

30 days, 130 oz. of Water

Could you do it? If you follow me on Instagram, you may know what I’m talking about… Yes, I am a health coach, but I am also a mom, a wife, a sister, daughter, friend and so many other things, and I have a life, and sometimes, life get’s in the way. And I forget things… basic things… like water. Our bodies are up to 60% water.  But, our brains and our heart are about Read More

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Everyone loves strawberry-banana flavor.  It’s always a top pic with everything from yogurt to candy to smoothies.  So why not give them what they love?! Adding the spinach gives them their daily greens filled with vitamins, minerals and protein.  Yes – there is protein in spinach – anyone remember Popeye?   Smoothies are fast and easy, so whip one up tomorrow and let me know how it goes, I love learning from other mamas! XO, Read More

Cashew Cream

cashew creamv

If you haven’t tried cashew cream before you are soooo missing out! It’s raw, vegan and it goes together in under 3 minutes.  If the raw, vegan part scares you, let me replace that with my kids beg for it and eat it by the spoonful straight from the blender! We make it often at casa Neuner.  Partially because everyone in my house loves it and partially because they can make it on their own. Read More