Testimonials From Happy Mamas

A super-mama with infectious energy, Christina and her wealth of knowledge will help you take an active role in your health and your life. After spending some time with her and her amazing family, she helped me realize that small changes add up to great benefits. She is full of efficient ideas on how to make those changes happen in your home so that you can reap the benefits!
Becky B.

I was devastated when my daughter tested positive for the celiac gene. I already had one child with gastrointestinal issues and, for me, that was (just) devastating having a second child with yet another gastro intestinal issue. Christina gave me so much reassurance and showed me just how many options we had. I learned how “do-able” it is to help my kids stay healthy. My heart was hurting, but Christina made me feel so much better after just a hug and a short conversation!

She is beyond brilliant and whenever I feel unsure I can take the next step in this path she is the first person I think of asking for help!
Rene H.

Christina is a devoted mother, a committed wife, and a trustworthy friend who will make you a yummy green goodness drink that’s packed full of deliciousness because it is good for you. She is also fun and full of life, like a night out on the town.

Cancer changed me. How could it not? But I am forever filled with gratitude for Christina being there for me, and for her willingness to share real life experiences and keep an open mind.

Her creativity, passion, and understanding invite you into her heart and connect with your soul.

Christina is loving, intelligent, compassionate, and ready to share her wise ways with a friendly smile.
Andrea C.

My entire life has changed since meeting Christina 3 years ago. I will forever be grateful for the huge changes she sparked in my life. It all started with shifts in my nutrition and exercise regiments and was deepened with self exploration and connections to my core desires. Christina has a special kindness, openness, generosity, and love that can be felt through and through.

She planted so many seeds in me that have grown into beautiful, sustainable, healthy habits. I have lost 40 pounds and have gained confidence, clarity, and control of my life.

I always feel so inspired and uplifted from our conversations and trust her to the fullest extent!
Emily C.

I really enjoy speaking with Christina because she is able to meet me where I am in whatever process I am figuring out. Whether it be food, kids, family life or all three together she is genuinely interested and wants to share what she has learned and what has helped her.
Angela R.

I consulted Christina about any possible links between food and the allergies, asthma and other unexplained ailments that my family was suffering from. Christina was able to point me in all the right directions to not only reclaim my own life, but to help my kids stay healthy. The results are beyond anything I ever imagined.

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision my lukewarm curiosity of GMO’s led me to Christina and to transition into the lifestyle that I am living today. I was scared to try anything new because of something as simple as those overwhelming, hard to find ingredients or which type of juicer to buy, Christina has managed to help me transition into the perfect balance of health conscious and realistic mother of four living a crazy, hectic life!

Christina’s combination of knowledge, personal experience and sincere desire to get to the core of my issues are just some of the reasons that I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life through food.

She empowered me to transition my picky family of six to a GMO-free, organic, juice loving, leafy green eating healthy powerhouse of a family, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Kristen M.

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