Are you ready to get your juice on?


​Are you ready to add more fruits & vegetables to your family's diet? It's all in the juice, sista!

  • Discover the benefits of juicing and how it can replenish lost nutrients your body craves.
  • Learn how to juice on a budget and how to take advantage of seasonal foods.
  • Get answers to FAQs, Recipes, Tips, Guidelines, and more!

Did you know that people on the standard American diet aren't getting enough nutrients?

Paleo, low fat, no sugar, low carb, organic, non-GMO, local, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, raw foodist… What the hula?!

How in the world is anyone supposed to know what’s healthy these days?!

I mean, for crying out loud – many of us grew up in a household where cooking involved a frozen brick and a microwave, where fast food was the norm. Our moms barely knew how to cook – so why should we?

The bottom line is that we are mothers who were (in large part) not taught how to cook. And – even if you’re one of the lucky few who was taught, there is so much new, conflicting information out there today about healthy eating that we often have no clue what to believe or where to start…

Well, that’s why I’m here, ladies – to end the confusion!

One of the simplest ways to add healthy enzymes & nutrients to you diet is by JUICING!

If you are thinking, 'I drink green smoothies, so, I'm covered in the nutrient department' you are really only partially there.


While green smoothies are a wonderful way of getting your greens in, juicing offers even more quantities!

Plus, when was the last time your family drank a green smoothie? (sometimes, it's just not worth the battle, am I right?)

  • When it comes to your body's absorption of nutrients, juicing wins hands down.
  • Juicing allows you to eat a TON of fruits and vegetable in a SUPER efficient way. 
  • Juicing provides an opportunity for you to add a larger variety of fruits and vegetable to your diet.

Are you ready to provide a new way to bring healthier options to your family? Are you ready to get juicy?

Let's go!

About the Author

Hey, sister! As the mother of three kids and health coach, I have helped hundreds of people on their juicing journeys over the past few years. After seeing the benefits juicing has had on my family and in my clients lives, I decided it was high time that I make a book about it. That way you can start any time you are ready and you don’t have to wait for me. If it’s 3am and you are finally ready to start up your juicer - you can!

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"I am so freakin’ excited to dive into Juicing with you! 

It’s so important for me to take a minute to honor and celebrate you.

First to thank you for considering me as your guide on this journey and second for you - for saying yes to your health and choosing to put you on your to do list.

Way to freakin’ go! You should be so proud of yourself."

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