The Day it All Began…

This, my friends, is what started it all. For years people were telling me to get into the health field in some form or another, but I just couldn’t figure out how or why. Nothing ever felt right, until one October morning. I had several good friends who had been urging me to at least start a blog, so I did…

It took me some time to decide what I was really going to do, but at the heart of the matter, this is why I am here – to serve you. I have taken lots of classes and received multiple certifications to help me better serve you, but truly this is why I am here.

I hope you enjoy and decide to stay…

October 1, 2013
D-Day, or the day it all began…

“You should really start a blog…”
“You know so much about X, you should start a website.”
“My child just got diagnosed with Y, what should I do?”
“My child has a fever, should I medicate them or let them fight it?”
“Can you just tell me what to cook every day?”
“How do you have the time?!”

This is just some of what I hear pretty much on a daily basis from friends and family. But…let’s face it; I also get “what about protein?” “How are your kids going to have strong bones without milk?” – Especially from grandparents! I think grandparents (at least my parents) worry about their grandchildren’s nutrition way more than they worried about mine when they were sending me off to school with HUG JUGS and JJ’s cupcakes!

Well, after much procrastination and lots of “What should I write about?,” here I am folks! This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship – you, me, and this crazy thing we call the internet, all here to figure out how to really take care of ourselves and our families in this uber busy time in life. No shame, no blame and just hard work to make it happen. No more shoulda, coulda, woulda, just here, now and doing the best we can.

I am a wife, a mother of three (3, 6 & 8), a former marketer, a foodie, a juicer, a marathoner, a serious procrastinator, a mediocre housekeeper and an Oprah Super Soul Sunday worshiper…
Before I get into the good stuff, I wanted to let you know a little about me (my complete bio is here). I am a wife, a mother of three (3, 6 & 8), a former marketer, a foodie, a juicer, a marathoner, a serious procrastinator, a mediocre housekeeper and an Oprah Super Soul Sunday worshiper (with 25 currently on the DVR just waiting for me to have 5 free minutes to watch!).

And yes, I am “of that age” – too old to be cool to my babysitter, too young for my parents to believe that I actually might know something. But, here I stand, fed up with the status quo, fixing everything in life with a pill, depending on someone else to fix what ails me and watching friends and family drop like flies – riddled with cancer, autoimmune diseases, autism, Asthma, ADHD. With each new diagnosis, I am asked by those friends and family, why…

“Why was X never diagnosed before?”
“Why is there such an increase in Y?”
“Why did I get Z, I have no family history?”
“But I exercise almost every day and eat so well…”

I am here to tell you why, my friend. The answer is simple: your toxic load. Before you get all “She’s too crazy and crunchy” on me, hear me out.

Babies born in this day and age are filled with hundreds of toxic substances already in their bloodstream at the time of birth ( It is not our fault and it is not their fault. You see, once chemicals are created, they NEVER leave the atmosphere. That means every toxic gas, chemical and flame-retardant, cancer-causing PJ ( (yes folks, it’s the law that babies and children’s sleepwear are coated with carcinogenic flame retardant chemicals) ever created is still here, on earth and we are ingesting it every day with every breath we take and ever bite we eat.

I am a visual learner, so the best way I like to describe this is what I call the “cup runneth over theory.” Imagine that each one of us, man, woman, child and living thing on earth (colony collapse syndrome, dogs and cats with cancer, fish with mercury poisoning…any of that ring a bell?) carry a glass filled with water in front of us and that water is our toxic load. Hundreds of years ago that glass was basically empty, and then came industrialization and that bucket started to fill and with each generation, that bucket became more, and more and more full.

Enter 2013…babies born today have glasses that are full; many of them are at their tipping point. Ever fill a glass with water and the water is over the top, but not spilling because of some scientific reason which I cannot explain, but you know that if you add just one more drop of water, or hit the table wrong, it will spill all over? Well, that is where our kids are today; just one more drop can turn into asthma, autoimmune diseases, allergies, autism, eczema, cancer and a whole host of things not thought about even 20 years ago.

It’s time to soak up some water from that overflowing glass before one of your kids runs into the kitchen and knocks it over! Each and every choice we make (no matter how small), meal we prepare, fever we let fight itself – helps to soak up a bit off of the top of our kids glasses. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. No choice is too small, and no one is passing judgment – we are all busy, we are all doing the best we can.

Make one choice today, and see how good it feels to soak just a little bit off of you and your family’s glasses.

Happy soaking,

Does this resonate with you? If so leave a comment below and share your story. I love stories and I’d love to hear from you – I’m always here – I gotcha- sista’!

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