I haven’t used shampoo in 2 years…

Yup – I’m that crazy woman.  I didn’t intend to be, I didn’t set out for that, it just kinda happened…

And no, my hair is not a grease ball!  I know – hard to believe but it’s true.

Have you heard of the no-poo method?  (Short for No-Shampoo)  

Well, neither had I until my older sister started talking about it…

For almost a year my sister was constantly bugging me to try it.  You see that’s our thing; she finds something that sounds crazy and convinces me to do it (yes – even in our 30’s the big sister is still telling the little sister what to do).

I kind of liked the idea. You know, natural products that would be better for your hair, but on the other hand it sounded CRAZY-TRAIN and I didn’t really understand why or how it could possibly work.

Until one day, I found the why…

The why, is about bringing your hair back to it’s neutral pH.  Remember the pH scale from high school?  Well, it’s back people.  Much like the movement to bring our bodies back to alkalinity for ideal health (more about that later), using the baking soda and apple cider vinegar is all about bringing your hair back to its neutral pH so that it can be as healthy as possible. And, in that healthy state it needs no lotions and potions.

(If you really want to know the science based details, you can read about it here  http://www.howtohairgirl.com/2013/10/shamphree-ph-scale-works/)

For the rest of you – here are the highlights…

Before going “no-poo” I had to shampoo almost daily or the grease fairy would appear, and I had to use at least 4 products on my hair to tame the frizz. I have seriously thick curly hair and it needed serious help…or so I thought.

So, with my new information in tow, I headed to the travel bins at target and found a small squirt bottle and a small spray bottle.  I already had apple cider vinegar and baking soda at home.

Next I mixed the solutions (easy peasy) and went for it!

I’m not gonna lie, the first two weeks were not pretty… my hair was in a ponytail 24/7.  Your hair spends the first week or two, (possibly even three) cleaning out all of the gunk and chemicals from all of the products that you have previously used on it.

Basically, your hair is detoxing.

But, then…a miracle occurred… I got out of the shower and let my uber thick, curly hair air dry and… it looked amazing!  Everywhere I went that day people were telling me how great my hair looked.  I was shocked!

My thick, frizzy hair that I used to use 4 different products on and had to shampoo almost daily, was now better than ever with only washing it every 4-5 days and with no products!  How was this possible?!  But I didn’t care – I was thrilled!

It was amazing to me that after thousands of dollars on hair products, all I needed for perfect, healthy hair was right in my kitchen, was dirt cheap and took way less time!

So, my friends, I urge you to try it!

If you are in, head on over to this post where I talk about the actual how-to’s of the process.

Are you totally terrified?  Thrilled with excitement?  If so, lemme know in the comments below, I love to learn from other mamas!


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  • Dana says:

    Wow Christina! I’m intrigued. While I can go 4 days without my hair looking greasy, it will start to smell not so fresh after a day or 2 (especially if I’ve worked out). How do you keep it smelling yummy and fresh with this method? Or does it happen naturally? Thanks for the article!!

    • Christina Neuner says:

      It’s amazing! Your hair will be able to go longer between watching because it will be back to it’s neutral pH and it won’t produce as much oil. I rinse it after I workout and sometimes I use just the applecider vinegar between washing. It doesn’t really have a small, but if you used a bit of essentil oil to run through your air, that would give it a nice scent. XO

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