I Choose to Breath…

No one ever tells you that parenting is hard.     I mean sure, they tell you it’s amazing and beautiful and babies are adorable, but do they ever tell you about the cholicy baby that literally cries 20 hours a day; the maternity clothes that you’ll wear for a solid year after you have the baby (maybe more, maybe less); the days when you lock yourself in the bathroom and cry from the sheer Read More

Do you know the Candy Fairy?

Does the Candy Fairy come to your house? Before we start – just wanted to take a quick side note to say that – these two beautiful Elsa’s are my daughter and niece as last year’s fabulous rendition of Elsa. Ok – back to the fairy… She comes to our house on Halloween night and Easter night.   Personally, she is one of my favorite fairies.  I mean, yes, the Tooth Fairy who comes and takes Read More

Are you a “Quitter”?

Have you ever stayed when you should have left?   Finished something so miserable because you thought you had to “see it through”?  Completed a project, class, job that you hated and knew you didn’t care about the result when it would have made more sense to cut your losses halfway through? I’m not talking about finishing the last 2 minutes of soccer practice when the kids are tired, or leaving the dishwasher half unloaded Read More

What makes you happy?

christina neuner

What makes you happy? It’s just a simple question, really… But…do you know the answer? What do you like to do, really?  What are your hobbies, your interests?  What do you do in your spare time?  What makes you, you? If you quit your job tomorrow or got a full time nanny and you actually had time to yourself, what would you do?  What lights you up?  What makes you happy?   No guilt, no Read More

It’s not about the food, it’s never about the food…

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been here a lot lately.  I’ve been a bit MIA…haven’t written much, haven’t posted… Some instagram; some facebook and when I do actually write or post it’s mostly about life, not about food.   You see, when I created this website all about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, I left out one of the most important pieces – self care – self love. I told myself that all of you Read More

Yo-Yo Big Daddy-O!

I have received a lot of amazing feedback since I launched my site.  Friends, family and new internet friends came out of the woodwork (and the interwebs) to send their love and support. And I am truly overwhelmed at all of the changes you have made in such a short period of time.  I am so freakin’ proud of you I could burst! Literally!   I did, however, receive two, rather unlikely, rather surprising responses… Read More

What’s your End-Game?

Do you have an Ends-Bag?   What do you do with your veggie & fruit tops, your bottoms, your brown spots, your too mushy (yet still edible) grapes, the carrots peels, that cantaloupe that the kids just had to have – but now they don’t want to eat?   Where do they all go?     Do you throw them out?     Do you put them down the garbage disposal?    The trash compactor?   Read More

Do you reward your kids with food?

  Let’s face it, either you’re doing it now or you’ve done it before… we‘ve all been there – promising the toddler a cookie to be quiet, treating the tween to ice cream for a good report card.  No judgment mama – it happens, even here at Casa Neuner… I get it.  And to prove it – I added a photo of a food bribe I gave to my little Nori a few years back Read More

Dear Egg Allergy…

So… my kids have allergies, like many of yours do. Some are more severe than others… We have allergies like Celiac disease where we cannot eat ANY gluten, and then we have other little pesky ones, like eggs that cause eczema and a runny nose, so we know we shouldn’t eat them, yet sometimes we do… Well, a few months ago, I realized that I had let “sometimes” turn into all the time and my Read More

Daddy’s Chocolate Smoothies

Daddy’s chocolate smoothie has been a long-standing favorite in our house. Several years ago, when we really started to get into health, my husband started making it for his breakfast and taking it to work with him each day. – And the kids hated it! Slowly the kids starting asking for sips, and, of course my husband would huff and puff because it was, after all, his breakfast. Well, one sip led to another and Read More