Are you sick of the “New Year, New You” message?

new year new you

I am.   Seriously. Over. It. Everywhere I look it’s all about diet – even Oprah (who I frankly never thought would go there, did. And she’s happy, so who am I to judge, right?). My social media feed is filled with it, magazines, newspaper, commercials, blog posts, everything, everywhere, all the time! What the HULA?! Can a mama get a break? Just a hot second to reevaluate herself before her daughter’s start asking her Read More

“Mommy, are you trying to lose weight?”

“Mommy, are you exercising to lose weight?” …Que the heart sinking… That’s what my five year old asked me yesterday as she was helping me work out.   Now, let that sink in for a minute… …Ugh… …back to the moment… A lump rose in my throat. My heart stopped. I froze and I was pretty sure I was going to burst into tears. Of course my first reaction was to go directly to the Read More

The ‘No-Poo’ Method

OK – so no shampoo.  Sounds nuts I know, but really, it’s pretty simple.  It’s also dirt cheap and a huge time saver! If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here to read about my no-poo journey. Alright, are you ready to No-Poo?! Ok, so first, make your mixtures… Shampoo: 2 tbsp baking soda to your 8 oz squirt bottle Add baking soda* then fill the rest of the bottle with warm-hot Read More

I haven’t used shampoo in 2 years…

Yup – I’m that crazy woman.  I didn’t intend to be, I didn’t set out for that, it just kinda happened… And no, my hair is not a grease ball!  I know – hard to believe but it’s true. Have you heard of the no-poo method?  (Short for No-Shampoo)   Well, neither had I until my older sister started talking about it… For almost a year my sister was constantly bugging me to try it. Read More

Self-care…Ain’t nobody got time for that!?

So… getting happy… Really… Putting yourself on the map (much less first)…? Self-care…? Actually doing something for yourself…? That’s all well and good, but how is that even possible?  I have kids, and a house, and a job, and a spouse, and cooking, and cleaning, and volunteering, and caring for sick family, and (insert your objection of choice here)… I mean, really, where do I start? I mean, what is self-care?  It sounds like some Read More

What makes you happy?

christina neuner

What makes you happy? It’s just a simple question, really… But…do you know the answer? What do you like to do, really?  What are your hobbies, your interests?  What do you do in your spare time?  What makes you, you? If you quit your job tomorrow or got a full time nanny and you actually had time to yourself, what would you do?  What lights you up?  What makes you happy?   No guilt, no Read More