juices and smoothies

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Everyone loves strawberry-banana flavor.  It’s always a top pic with everything from yogurt to candy to smoothies.  So why not give them what they love?! Adding the spinach gives them their daily greens filled with vitamins, minerals and protein.  Yes – there is protein in spinach – anyone remember Popeye?   Smoothies are fast and easy, so whip one up tomorrow and let me know how it goes, I love learning from other mamas! XO, Read More

Watermelon Juice Cocktail

Christina Neuner watermelon juice cocktail

Have you ever made watermelon juice?  If not – giiiiiirl you have been missing out! At our house we go through about four watermelons a week.  My son is obsessed and pretty much refuses to eat anything other than watermelon. While I am happy that my kids are so into such a hydrating fruit (it’s about 92% water), I hate that there is so much waste when I am finished cutting one.  I literally have Read More