Basic Chia Pudding

Uber simple, uber yummy, uber nutrient dense! If you haven’t cooked with chia seeds before, let me introduce you to these amazing little seeds… Did you know that chia seeds are a great source of omega fatty acids (with three times more omega 3 than 6 per ounce)? And for those of you concerned about your calcium intake, chia seeds contain (on average) 700% more calcium than salmon and 500% more calcium than cow’s milk. Read More

Gluten Free Granola

Christina Neuner's Gluten Free Granola

Gluten Free Pumpkin Oatmeal

Fall in Maine – ahhhhhh… It literally encompasses all five senses.   I can touch the apples on the trees. I can hear the rustling of the leaves beneath my feet. I can see the colors of the trees change before my eyes. I can smell the crisp fall air on the walk to the bus stop in the early morning. And one of my favorites – I can taste all things pumpkin – everywhere, Read More

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Everyone loves strawberry-banana flavor.  It’s always a top pic with everything from yogurt to candy to smoothies.  So why not give them what they love?! Adding the spinach gives them their daily greens filled with vitamins, minerals and protein.  Yes – there is protein in spinach – anyone remember Popeye?   Smoothies are fast and easy, so whip one up tomorrow and let me know how it goes, I love learning from other mamas! XO, Read More

Cashew Cream

cashew creamv

If you haven’t tried cashew cream before you are soooo missing out! It’s raw, vegan and it goes together in under 3 minutes.  If the raw, vegan part scares you, let me replace that with my kids beg for it and eat it by the spoonful straight from the blender! We make it often at casa Neuner.  Partially because everyone in my house loves it and partially because they can make it on their own. Read More