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Are you sick of the “New Year, New You” message?

new year new you

I am.   Seriously. Over. It. Everywhere I look it’s all about diet – even Oprah (who I frankly never thought would go there, did. And she’s happy, so who am I to judge, right?). My social media feed is filled with it, magazines, newspaper, commercials, blog posts, everything, everywhere, all the time! What the HULA?! Can a mama get a break? Just a hot second to reevaluate herself before her daughter’s start asking her Read More

Confession time…I’m not a size 2.

paddle board

Yup – Fo Realz! Jesus – I cannot believe I’m about to actually type this, buuuuuut – here goes… There was a time I was afraid.  Well, I wasn’t actually afraid, I was freakin’ terrified. You see everything I know about food, I learned on my own.   I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, or a chiropractor, or a naturopath or a chef, I’m just a mom whose kids were sick and Read More

8 Tips to Mindfully Eat this Thanksgiving

Holidays often end with people sitting around complaining about how full they are and about how much they ate.  Often times, the complaining is followed by exhaustion and ultimately a nap because their bodies need to rest so that they can break down and digest all of the food that they just ate.   You see, eating is hard work on your body.   The chewing is the easy part, breaking down the food into Read More

Did you hate yourself on Halloween?

It’s a real question.   No joke.  Just an honest question. And before you blow me off like some crazy woman, let me ask you this … (and please take a moment to really answer it honestly)… How did you feel on Halloween when you ate candy, or treats at a party, or whatever you inevitably indulged in? If you were one of the very few people who didn’t eat anything “extra” over the weekend?  How Read More

Yogurt and Sugar

Sometimes we get comfortable and then it creeps in… Sooooooo… it’s back to school time and my kids have been begging for yogurt and granola.  We don’t buy yogurt all that often at my house because my children have mild dairy allergies,  it’s fairly processed and frankly, the coconut yogurt that we buy is $2 per container.  Not I’m not a cheap shopper, I buy mostly organic, whole foods, but $2 for one teeny, tiny Read More

I ran a marathon and then…

Nothing happened.   Yup, you hear me.. nothing nada zip zilch zero! Not a good gosh darn thing actually happened.   Prior to completing my marathon (a few years back), I had actually trained for (and been injured) for 6 other marathons and I had rehearsed what I would feel like when I finished said marathon over and over for what felt like a million times.  And each time it was my earth-shattering, life-altering, “Rocky” Read More

Self-care…Ain’t nobody got time for that!?

So… getting happy… Really… Putting yourself on the map (much less first)…? Self-care…? Actually doing something for yourself…? That’s all well and good, but how is that even possible?  I have kids, and a house, and a job, and a spouse, and cooking, and cleaning, and volunteering, and caring for sick family, and (insert your objection of choice here)… I mean, really, where do I start? I mean, what is self-care?  It sounds like some Read More

Are you a sideline mama?

Did you really live this summer, or did you hide behind your post-baby body (even if your baby is two years old)? With summer sadly coming to an end, when you scroll through your photos on your phone, what do you see? Do you see all of the great family memories? Do you see fun at the beach and at the park? Do you see baseball games and laughter? I see all of the fun things Read More

Are you a “Quitter”?

Have you ever stayed when you should have left?   Finished something so miserable because you thought you had to “see it through”?  Completed a project, class, job that you hated and knew you didn’t care about the result when it would have made more sense to cut your losses halfway through? I’m not talking about finishing the last 2 minutes of soccer practice when the kids are tired, or leaving the dishwasher half unloaded Read More